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1 st International Variety Show

From rare and unusual to odd and idiosyncratic, or just plain funny, this show features a unique variety of strange feats, action, and competition.

Date and place: 12 September 1998, Municipal Park in Banská Bystrica
Start: 10 a.m.

Organiser: Datapresscomp - Igor Svítok, city of Banská Bystrica

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For all the distress of today's world, there are still people among us who excel at things like exterity, patience, craft, or physical strength. Some of these guys may, for instance, be able to bear a 200-pound load on their chest while standing up and not using their hands. And there are many others we want to present to you. We have prepared a multitude of contests for folks who want to put to a test their muscle, craft, appetite, or sense of humour. We will keep track of newly set records, and will, in co-operation with the Dobrý den Agency, submit the best of them to be entered in the Guinness Book of Records. Events centred around beer will also be fun, and in fact we are planning to run a new one, a Beer Trek of sorts. TOPVAR will be the beverage of the day, and will add its glamour to two kinds of contests:

One will feature local beer celebs trying to break a record in their discipline, another one, geared to the public, will be staged in the municipal park. Everyone is invited to try their hand at whatever event they like.

Here´s some information on some of the disciplines:

A) Beer Show - beer trek, beer run, beer drinking, lifting an rolling a beer keg, Finnish relay, drinking 0,5 and 1,0 litre glasses of beer, holding a beer glass in one hand

B) Other Beverages - 1,0 and 3,0 litre milk sacks, drinking Tetrapack juices using a straw

C) Eating Within a Time Limit - bananas, snacks, yoghurts, hamburgers, chocolate, peas, hard-boiled eggs

D) The Iron Man - towing of buses, push-ups, carrying weights, ripping apart phone books, bending iron bars, squashing cans still full

E) Perseverance Show - power juggling, walking while holding an egg on a spoon, sit-ups, push-ups, changing T-shirts, rolling kegs

F) Other Events - Pure Fun- a whip onto a target competition, jumping over a swinging rope, flinging pancakes to maximum height and turning them within a time limit, flinging eggs toward your partner, stacking matchboxes, shaving off hair within a time limit, shooting champagne corks, 10 metre bike ride at the slowest speed possible, shot-putting a wet soap, riding a scooter on a 50 metre track, spitting out cherry pit, building a candy house while using minuscule candy etc.The show will be held at the Municipal Park. One event is scheduled to take place at McDonald´s. We will also get to see entertainers from France / a 17-time world record holder/, India, and the Czech Republic.

A highlight of the show will be presented by the World´s Strongest Man, giving a good pull to 3 buses at once. We will also see the first international power juggling competition / three 3-kilogram athletic balls will be used/. The event will also include promotional events hosted by companies and manufacturers as well as a cultural show.

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